Albini forgive cuz I just stole your title and fucked it up ?.


The problem with Noise, is that as an improvised expression on a fresh approach or reactionary answer to commercial harmonic compositions, it is damn repetitive, spastic often stacato random, without a focus and if done as merely reactionary or as a jazz cliché, freejazz signature, it has little or no appeal beyond being that tired cliché, the trick is in the Kevin Drumms and of his Ilk or Likeminded, doing both acoustic and electronic work, to still seek out a sonic territory of exploration and colored with a musical longing, noise that works like a halfway rock outfit, it is more interesting in that it gives more context and direction, than that of noise being a naked purist exercise, working freely within the parameter of making none music, music.

Noise might be an escape from pop theatrics but then it also lands flat on its face in unapologetic self importance. Music as an intellectual exercise void of harmonic vision or attempt to communicate is just noise and not a revelation or creating a detail within the muck, like bad art there can be bad noise. Like most free arts, the parameters of quality are inevitable, for there to be good noise there must be bad noise and the harsh noise crowd has to be surpassed in order to generate an evolution of noise, with branches that envelope both expression, impression, influence, result and statement of intent.

Is that so fucking hard to understand? It has been done to death!
Static isnt revolutionary no more, it is perhaps an answer to the one-word question of NOISE? But it is not an exercise to be repeated when you make noise out of white noise you are really going for points over substance, like the repetition of John Cages Silences, there is a lesson in it just not one worth performing or presenting as a valid expression, or as an expression with validity.

Correct me if I?m wrong!!!

Seriously do! If I have blind-spot that prevents me from enjoying this experience within this art in anyway, please try to free me from my Misconceptions.

The Picture is of SVARTE GREINERS setup @ Mono in Oslo before Xmas. It was Fantastic more dronish and ambient but a blending of noise elements with the harmonic potential of the guitar as something unmusical to fashion an expression beyond tonal clichés.

The guitar as a none guitar intrigues me, I have seen also Lasse Marhaug perform noise with a guitarist once at BLÅ, Oslo this also was a great experience in the blend of the two sound-scapes of noise and harmonics creating a communicative freedom laden expression without the sentimental coding of pop or rock music. It is much like Nietzsche love of the composer Wagner for his music being Grandiose, sentimental and pompous all qualities which he later grew too recent the music for, but what grew instead?

My own musical appreciation has grown as a story from inaction to action to reaction, Jaded by all manners of formula music, just gratifying mathematical precision in its execution. Music against music, in music is often the reactionary seeds of anti music, as a statment against  trends subcultural uniform and such, in being purely reactionary a reaction is only a negative mirroring of the counterpoint or action to guide the reaction thus noise is often just that a insolent reationary mirroring pop music, in its anti pop language.

Improvisation and atonal expression beyond a mental genera and creating a lessening of predictable expectation, of course new clichés grow from this but at least it is a reaction like punk intended, that forsakes popular appeal beyond what the conventions are able to corrupt in order to exploit something that punk spite its attempt was unable to do from its conception.
Sex pistols became POP from year one, like Merzbow did with noise in some ways also?

You gotta Start in the margins then refine your expression from that point on, much like punk started as a pile of shit and became a waxy polished turd, almost like moose-dropping earrings.

So? I don?t know like I said put me straight?
I dont like jazz and i hate blues.... for very much the same reasons.....people who like blues, i judge you and find you every major way.

picture stolen from somewhere
Question what is the visual index of noise? just wondering.

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