ALL EARS all the time

ALL EARS of Oslo Norway, is Celebrating 10 Noisy years of improvised music, a Gem hidden in plain sight or as hidden as well as any underground event can be.

Last year was noisy, gritty and hidden inside a chocolate factory under deconstruction, with contemporary music blended with electronic and digital noise, jazzy improvisations and more performance related comedic performances resulting in related sound-scapes, it had it all well almost.

I?m a bit of a guitar whore which I hope by the nature of this blog is becoming evident. (The closest i came to an electric guitar was this harp)
And this year ?EARS? had none not to say it was required but the instrumental emphasis was void of an analogue dronish landscape that satisfies me, measured up to last years periodic acts which seemed to hail more from a rock based sonic backdrop. Obviously they love upright bass guitars and saxophones, Damn those instruments feel like one trick ponies at times.

This year ALL EARS followed ?Fabrikken? the same locality organizers down to VULKAN another hidden-away rustic building site minus the chocolate (also Henie Onstad art center on the last day). This year a blend was not the same as last year, more jazzy and acoustic and less of a mixture of all flavors, I hope for a better blend next year the crowd and arrangers had gone for a more adult respectable and jazz inviting spread, not by any means meager but a bit more monotheistic than the lowbrow to highbrow I had expected with young noisier acts superseding the mature more respectable performers of this go around. You had your Kevin Drumm and 3 noisemaking Koreans and the French noise Duo but still it felt a bit stripped of the punkish element of noise that has that everything goes plus a fuzz box feel to it, that drags us all down to a more base level, it was to polite and civilized.

Still I say all thumbs up for ALL EARS the venue for improvised brave expression may it blossom to its fullest potential every year from now on.

Keep your eye on their site ( and around new years scrounge up about 700NOK for a festival pass and drop expectations and cynicism and experience something new or old close your eyes and become one with the water of the ocean, or not?

With love from the anal retentive listener

?I?m mad as hell and I?m probably going to take it some more" I love paraphrasing this WRONG.-..FYI.. its from Network.. Only WRONG!!

It was an experience seeing music played infront of a big piece of visual art,
just reconfirming my Audio visuial sensibility.

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