IJIN in action

IJIN GYM SESSION #1 (See video at the end)
Performed @ a School GYM in Oslo/ Norway
With: Carl Fredrik Berg on Chello and Christian Blandhoel on feedbacker
All photo/Video by Anders Kværner

IJIN: Alienated, structureless, improviced sound/music; Performed on stringed amplified SONIC devices/ customized guitars, drone laden, random compositions, chance and improviced.

IJIN is not a noise community generated project, but borne out of visual-art, a progression of harmonic instrumental rock, a Soundscape between Noise and harmonic-noise through improvisation, where the sound reflects the search for a sound that dare become nothing, but a composition to form should the moment arise
The Feedbacker is the basis of this first incarnation of Ijin, a self propelled-, feedbacking-, self sustaining guitar manipulated by stompboxes mounted onto the guitarbody: in using the guitar as the basis of sound, but altered in such a way that the guitar is feedback driven, self-generating, creating a sound that is random and unpredictable but can be manipulated or harnessed.
The Idea is to utelize this Noise potential but allow the instruments harmonic nature to bleed through, in such creating sound within the landscape of noice but with a harmonic potential.
Feedbacker is a result of the SONIC Art-project an interactive sculpture and instruments within the my first recordlabel exhibition project. (See: www.myfirstrecordlabel.com)

Ijin is a fluid union: Either performing Allein=Solo or Orchestra=with others. Not neccesarily in a band-structure or with regular members. All performances/sessions are improviced and thus creating a dynamic unpredictable, exploratory new setting for every Performance.

We do not Aim to suit a genre or style.

Hear more of Ijin:
http://www.myspace.com/ijinmusic (Stream)

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33, Oslo

My first recordlabel er et billedkunst møter musikk prosjekt, hvor musikk sin påvirkning av billedkunst illustres gjennom guitar hacking (SONICS) og performance. Se documentasjon av dette på www.myfirstrecordlabel.com For kontakt: blandhoel@gmail.com