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En artikel verdt å Lese: Intervju med støybandet WOLF EYES

Decibel system
>> Nate Young of Wolf Eyes on DIY noise, drunk-proof gear and those sounds in his head

"Noise music has been around for a while, but it seems that with the recent appreciation of Masami Akita?s long-running Merzbow project, solo artist Keiji Haino and the electronic mayhem of Kid 606, noise has now become the true underground alternative music."

Would you say that noise is just a natural progression from the original intention of punk rock?
I think the two definitely go together. They both share the DIY aesthetic, and I think a lot of people enjoy noise because it is something you can cultivate yourself. Also, the talent you need to do this is even less than, say, the talent you would need to be in the Germs, so it?s accessible to most people to do.

fra wikipedia om Wolf Eyes:

Nick Cain of The Wire characterizes Wolf Eyes as

? an ungodly Noise hybrid which sucks fragments of US hardcore, Industrial, free jazz ..., avant garde electronics and Death Metal into a sonic vortex. Cloaked in cartoonish horrorcore imagery, their music's obvious delight in its own intensity is as infectious as it is puerile.[3]

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